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Wills & Estates

A last will is a testament to keep your family or friends advised of your wishes in relation to your assets. A Power of Attorney is a document by which you appoint a person and/or persons of your choice to manage your affairs during your lifetime. This includes decisions concerning your financial, medical and/ or lifestyle decisions.

When somebody becomes incapable of managing their own affairs, important legal steps must be taken to reduce the possibility of disputes and/or abuse by ensuring that their care, welfare and the administration of their financial and legal affairs, are managed by a person and/or persons of their choice in their best interests.

Conflict may arise where  a loved one has not executed a last will and made provision for family,  or when a disgruntled family member challenges a last will. It is therefore important that competent legal advice is obtained prior to executing a last will to obtain objective legal advice from experienced estate lawyers in order that informed decisions can be made, and unpleasant and stressful experiences avoided.

We appreciate the importance of maintaining family relationships and avoiding disputes, and in the event of a dispute, will attempt to resolve the dispute without the need to issue formal legal proceedings.

Our areas of operation include:

  • Last Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Decision Maker Documents
  • Probate and Deceased Estate Administration
  • Part IV Applications – Contesting Last Wills and Deceased Estates
  • Survivorship Applications